30 Years of Trusted Service

abescrow has a 30-year reputation of trust in the financial world, both in the United States and abroad. Our experience and creativity have allowed us to accommodate the most challenging requirements from all parties.

abesrow specializes in providing cash and other funding escrows for contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers and other goods and services providers to offer their clients and customers additional confidence and security that their funds are protected during the contracting period. Investment Financial Escrow can also facilitate international transactions, and has experience in dealing with international companies who have needed escrow accounts to complete business transactions in this country.

All abescrow are deposited in an FDIC insured bank. References are available.

Questions & Answers


in order to expedite matters, your certified bank check or cashier’s check must be made payable to the Abescrow Account, a standard Escrow Account in which your purchase funds are safely held until the transfer documents are received by the appropriate parties. This account earns no interest. Releasing these funds from escrow is contingent upon your total satisfaction with the manner in which the terms of sale are observed by the seller. The sale goes forward only when you, the buyer, are ready to proceed.

What Other Escrow Services are available?

Abescrow does business Purchase and Sale closings that do not include real property. The closing includes all document preparation, closing statements, actual document presentation and disbursement of funds, and recording of documents. In addition , Abescrow is experienced in closing SBA loans, and has worked with major banks in closing business transactions involving SBA loans.

What does an Escrow cost?

The cost and fee are based on the complexity of the escrow whether Cash, Document or Source Code escrow. Contact us to discuss the fees. Abescrow will provide an escrow agreement suitable to meet the requirements of each client; however, customization and special escrow instructions may incur additional fees.

What does Abescrow Do?

Abescrow provides an independent third party intermediary to offer additional security, confidentiality and confidence in business and other transactions between two or more parties.