Cash Flow ...

t is the lifeblood of any business. Blue chip accounts receivable may be nice to have, but they alone cannot pay the bills. The time lapse from invoicing to collection is critical for sustaining your business.

Financing Accounts Receivable
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-30 Years Business Consulting Experience
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We would be pleased to assist your company. Please call or email us to learn more. The cost for financing commercial accounts receivables varies; however, it is typical to discount an invoice by two percent for the first 10 days from the cash advance and one percent for each 10-day period thereafter, until the invoice is paid. Advances vary from 65 to 85 percent of the invoice face amount, less fees, when the invoices are actually paid.

Consulting Services

With over 90 years (combined) of business consulting, we sometimes think we have seen it all. Well for the most part we have! Our staff has assisted manufactures and retailers of every kind. We have travelled to China and Bangladesh and many countries in between. We have looked at factories for manufacturing and assisted in ISO standards for high pressure cylinders. We have assisted companies nationally and abroad.

We offer solutions that are practical and sometimes hard to take, however we are interested in your survival, not your ego! We have a staff attorney that gets us through the legal questions and an accountant that handles the financial side. You can get that anywhere, but what we offer is many many years of actual business experience that most consultants do not have.

Call; let’s see if we can't help your situation.